About Roger Thomas Plaster & Design


Roger Thomas, owner of Roger Thomas Plaster & Design, has been in the construction business for most of his life.  He started his own plastering business in 1994, with the goal of complete customer satisfaction, giving customers not just what they paid for, but exceeding their expectations.


In today’s market, many plaster companies are cutting corners and doing the minimum just to stay in business.  This is not Roger's philosophy.  His name is on the line when he shows up to do your project, and when he goes onto the next project he wants to leave you with a job you rave to friends and family about.  Roger has done very little advertising in his 18 years of business...he gets most of his clients come from word of mouth recommendtions.  Roger does not cut corners.  He knows that a poorly done job is not the way to keep those recommendations coming.


To do plaster right takes time and effort.  Roger takes the necessary time in planning and laying out the project, and makes the effort to ensure it is done right the first time.  He is more of an artist than a plaster finisher, and prides himself in the unusual, in doing things that others say are impractical or impossible.  Take a look at the pictures in the photo gallery to see some of this impressive work.